[konsole] [Bug 365893] Clear scrollback and reset leaves the terminal screen completely blank.

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Fri Oct 7 04:14:47 UTC 2016


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(In reply to Egmont Koblinger from comment #1)
> Works as intended.
> There's no way the app running inside the terminal could possibly know that
> the terminal's contents have been tampered with by some other means, not
> initiated by the app (that is, the shell in this case).
> Workarounds (such as injecting a Ctrl-L or Enter keypress) are bound to
> cause much more severe problems in other situations.
> If this really bothers you, you can execute the "clear" command instead, or
> manually press Enter or Ctrl-L after clearing the screen.

Hi, & thanks for responding.  I don't quite understand what  you mean by "app
running inside the terminal".  It is the Konsole terminal that I was referring
to.  This problem did not occur in KDE4.  Now in KDE5, it exists.

I don't know how it was done before (in terms of programming), but the screen
definitely should not remain complete blank without the prompt after clearing
it.  It should at least give you the prompt back.  Other systems do not have
this problem.  It may seem right to you as a developer, but to anybody &
everybody else who actually uses the system, it is definitely broken.  There
are many other bug reports about this exact issue that have gone unresolved, or
have been closed, saying that the problem must be dealt with at the source,
which is here.

Leaving the screen with no prompt definitely gives the user the impression that
the OS is broken & full of bugs.  It's basically breaking something that was
not broken, & then calling it fixed.  The developers working on KDE (perhaps
yourself included) are working very hard to create an awesome system for
everyone to use.  But when something like this happens, it's like punching them
in the face.  What is all the hard work for when new, avoidable problems are
created & refused to be fixed???

The "clear" command only moves the existing text up past the top of the screen.
 It is not the same as what this option does.  As a user, I don't know how it
should work behind the scenes in the code, but all I know is that it did indeed
work correctly in the past, & now it does not.  There are many ignored bug
reports that attest to this fact.

I kindly & humbly ask you or any KDE developer that sees this to please resolve
this issue.  I don't know how it should or should not be done in the code, but
the screen should definitely return the user prompt when the screen is cleared.
 I'm not even asking for myself, as I currently do not use KDE, although I
might try it again for Fedora 25.  No, instead, I'm asking on behalf of all of
the people who do use KDE, whether it be on Fedora, Suse, or whatever.

KDE5 is really shaping up nicely from the way it started out.  It would be a
terrible shame to keep such a blemish like this on what is intended to be a
beautiful & problem-free system.  Please do consider it.  Thank you for

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