[Konsole-devel] [konsole] [Bug 362171] Patch review requested for implementation SGR 2/8/9/53 (dim/conceal/strikeout/overline)

Antonio Russo via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Jul 7 23:39:04 UTC 2016


--- Comment #12 from Antonio Russo <antonio.e.russo at gmail.com> ---
I really appreciate your getting back to me. Thank you.

I cannot "publish" the patch without it having a
"review"---and I don't think I am allowed to review it
myself (?). The first step in the patch creation
process required uploading a diff---which for
subsequent patches is rejected because the parent
revision is not yet known to reviewboard (or, it was
not properly detected). I think.

Hindenburg glanced at this bug a couple months ago.
Could you possibly contact him, or should I maybe ping
him directly?

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