[Konsole-devel] Support for dim color support, i.e., \e[2m [includes patch]

Antonio Russo antonio.e.russo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 17:20:23 UTC 2016

I have refreshed and refactored this patchset. All default colorschemes have also been patched to support faint intensity---as well as the new
Breeze theme.

Is there any interest at all in supporting additional SGR codes?

> The escape code \e[2m should allow for "dimmed" text to be displayed. This is supported in, e.g., xterm and the standard Linux console. The
> attached patches implement the infrastructure for color schemes to support dimmed colors [dim-color-support], prevents regressions with the
> shipped themes [colorscheme-compat], and provides a full theme for the Linux color scheme [linux-colorscheme].
> I.e., this should now work (by which I mean, show as different intensities in the linux color scheme):
> echo -e 'A\e[2mA'
> The other color schemes are essentially unaffected by this patch---someone with some aesthetic sense ought to check the colors out.
> I noticed two other things while adding this feature:
> In src/Vt102Emulation.cpp , the support for removing "intense" or "bold" (i.e., \e[21m) was not properly implemented. This patch should also
> address this problem. I would appreciate comments verifying my (very limited) understanding of vt102 emulation.
> This can be seen by checking:
> echo -e 'A\e[1mA\e[21mA'
> Additionally, the comments in src/Screen.cpp seem to be misleading or wrong, and the "RE_INTENSIVE" constant appear vestigial from some earlier
> implementation of bold/intensive. I started making changes there, but it seems like it might be better off without any comment there, or better
> still rewriting it entirely.

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