[Konsole-devel] [konsole] [Bug 178320] Konsole split view: in both views same content

Thomas Platzer via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Nov 20 17:08:05 UTC 2015


--- Comment #35 from Thomas Platzer <t.platzer at gmx.at> ---
7 years people, 7 years.

Just saw that I had terminator as console program on my icononly-bar and
replaced it with konsole. I adjusted the shortcuts to be in sync with those of
yakuake, and happily tried to split the view to get a new shell.

To my utter amazement it just created a duplicate of the first one (yeah I know
it's the same just a different view on it). I started to google it, found this
page, and suddenly remembered why I had terminator there in the first place.

This is insanity. I don't know what the person was thinking who implemented it
first, but even that answer wouldn't explain why this preposterous behaviour, 
bug is a slight euphemism here, has survived for 7 years without a fix! The
only person to comment in favour of this behaviour is John Knight, but
otherwise complete and utter silence from developers. Was Konsole unsupported
for the last 7 years? It kind of seems that way.

I *love* KDE. After the rude shock of transitioning from 3 to 4 I finally
thought this DE is coming to shape. But now the next transition looms on the
horizon. It mostly looks like an in-depth skin update, but it seems that a lot
of applications have to be *ported* to work in 5? Please tell me you are not
serious as to inflict another 3->4 disaster? PLEASE tell me that is not the

Something like Ubuntus "1000 cuts initiative" is in sore and dire need. Just
fix those annoying little quirks that make KDE just that little bit harder to
use. Or, as in this case, unusable for a vast majority of users who came to
expect the behaviour every other split-term manages to provide? I mean even
yakuake has it, but you can only have one instance of it.

Sometimes I really come to think that KDE is sabotaging itself with stuff like
this. Overall it's by far the best desktop-env I know, but the little things
drive me crazy. Like plasmoids changing size and position indiscriminately, or
the behaviour when a hidpi monitor is turned off and everything is formated for
the mere FullHD TV that is plugged in but turned off. Why is Oxygen the only
skin that supports window tabbing? How to configure lightdm dpi? What is
Dolphins default view? I never managed to find out, only that "group by
categories" became somewhat the default. Why? When? How to change it? I don't

It's not the first time I felt the urge to *scream* at the developers or
whoever allocates resources in the project. It's lacking in polish, and the
complaints from me seem minor, but they really trash the experience.

I'd like to help, but my background is Java and c++ has not been my cup of tea.
I would put in some time and effort to help the KDE project, not just complain.

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