[Konsole-devel] [konsole] [Bug 335047] "Clear Scrollback and Reset" menu make the prompt to disappear

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Tue Jun 2 11:03:31 UTC 2015


--- Comment #10 from Jaak Ristioja <jaak at ristioja.ee> ---
Upon some research it appears that the problem I'm experiencing appears to be
described in
https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/konsole-devel/2014-November/022801.html and
seems to be related to the upgrade from readline-6.2/bash-4.2 to
readline-6.3/bash-4.3 with the SIGWINCH being sent to the foreground process by
konsole(part) no longer being handled by readline-6.3.

Currently the workaround for users appears to be to use Ctrl+Shift+K followed
by Ctrl+L. The latter is a readline command to clear the screen leaving the
current line at the top of the screen (search `man 1 bash` for clear-screen).

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