[Konsole-devel] [konsole] [Bug 340031] vim cursorline not cleared properly

Daniel Lichtenberger daniel.lichtenberger at gmx.net
Sun Jan 4 20:41:03 UTC 2015


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--- Comment #5 from Daniel Lichtenberger <daniel.lichtenberger at gmx.net> ---
I also noticed this issue first in vim, but I can reproduce it directly in
konsole by enabling underlines in the following shell command:

tput sgr 0 1 0  0 0 0  0 0 0

Then press enter a couple of times. With any font except Liberation Mono, the
underlines are rendered correctly. With Liberation Mono (which happens to be
the default monospace font on OpenSuse) and font sizes up to 13pt, only the
next-to-last prompt is underlined, and there are display artifacts (underlines
not removed) when pressing Ctrl-L.

You can disable underlines again with tput sgr 0 0 0  0 0 0  0 0 0.

Triggering a refresh (e.g. by switching to another tab and then back again)
causes the underlines to be rendered correctly.

Judging from the visual impression of konsole's rendering, it seems like the
newlines are put "too far down" - they are almost overlapping with the next
line, which doesn't happen for me with other fonts.

I'm running Konsole 2.14.2 under KDE 4.14.3, Qt 4.8.6 (OpenSuse 13.2).

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