[Konsole-devel] [konsole] [Bug 344181] konsole 256 color support differs from xterm/rxvt

Vladi vladi at aresgate.net
Fri Apr 17 21:42:21 UTC 2015


--- Comment #4 from Vladi <vladi at aresgate.net> ---
(In reply to Egmont Koblinger from comment #3)
> By default, colors 16-21 should be shades of blue, exactly as you see in
> Konsole.
> The problem is that certain terminal emulators let you redefine any of the
> 256 palette entries arbitrarily to any rgb colors - konsole doesn't. I
> assume that your script relies on this feature and redefines the colors to
> something very different from their original values.

Does this mean that adding the ability to change those colors will be a no-fix?

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