[Konsole-devel] [PATCH] konsole: Increase the number of tab-switch hotkeys from 10 to 14

Kurt Hindenburg kurt.hindenburg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 14:20:19 UTC 2013

Hello,   thanks for the patch and feedback.  My keyboard has 19 function
keys - I wonder if allowing 19 would be a good idea.

On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 5:49 AM, Ingo Molnar <mingo at kernel.org> wrote:

>  - once you go full-screen in Konsole, there's no way to go back to
> windowed mode again, even with the
>    mouse: there's no menu entry AFAICS. The "Show Menubar" action gets
> ignored.

The 'Show Menubar' should work and does here.  If you assign 'Full Screen'
a shortcut does that work?

>  - "konsole" on the command line knows about -v, but -h does not display a
> customary help text. It displays that I
>    should have typed --help, but I suppose it could respond to -h as well.
Konsole/KDE uses Qt/KDE standard help command-line options - I'll see what
it would take to add it.​​

>  - for scripted start-up there's --tabs-from-file and I use it - but
> there's no --full-screen option like
>    gnome-terminal has. So after every fresh konsole start-up I have to hit
> F11.
--fullscreen was just added so it will be in KDE 4.11​​ (On a side-note I
see gnome uses "--full-screen")

>  - It would be nice to allow the inhibition of the closing of a particular
> tab via Ctrl-D. I sometimes mistakenly
>    close tabs this way, either as a result of a typo, or because Ctrl-D is
> a regular shell and editor pattern.
>    I'd love to have something like the 'protect tab' feature in Firefox.
> Enabling this globally would be cool as
>    well.
Yes, this has been asked before and there is a bug report on it.​​

>  - it might make sense to fill in a couple of hotkeys by default: F11 for
> full screen switching (this is pretty
>    standard for most desktop environments), and the Alt-1,2,3,...,9,0 keys
> for the tab-switching hotkeys.
>    gnome-terminal has these mapped by default.
Yes, I had thought F11 was bound to full screen but I agree w/ you.​​

>  - The --tabs-from-file syntax took a bit of experimentation to get right.
> Might make sense to add a simple
>    example to the online help text, to help those like me who are slightly
> confused about the expected syntax?
The Handbook (Help->Konsole Handbook) does have 1 example​​ and there are
some examples in the code.

>  - I found no way so far to create a truly minimalistic appearance for the
> tab bar (which is on the top for me).
>    In particular I'd like to get rid of the icons, to only see the
> vertical tab separators and the black tab title
>    letters on white background. In other aspects Konsole full screen mode
> is perfect: after disabling the scroll
>    bar I have nothing but source code and the tab bar on the screen.
In KDE3 you could have only icons or only text - we haven't implemented
this in KDE4 although it has been asked for.​​
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