[Konsole-devel] [Bug 309766] Title changes to profile name instead of %w

Jekyll Wu adaptee at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 20:39:31 UTC 2012


--- Comment #2 from Jekyll Wu <adaptee at gmail.com> ---
8. Observe window and tab title is "Default".

That implies the so called window title is actually set ( probably by vim, but
definitely not by konsole) as a empty string at that moment, so konsole (has
to) choose and show a fallback value instead. ("Default", the profile name ) .
In short, "Default" is shown because the actual value is empty.

So to put it clearly, konsole itself never changes the so called window title
(%w) by itself. It always updates its value per the request of some escape
sequence sent by some application. If  it changes from A to B, then it is only
because some application has sent a corresponding escape sequence asking for
that. change  If no escape sequence is ever sent to change it, it will always
stay unchanged. 

So please check whether you vim is wrongly setup. I don't see the problem by
following the given step.

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