[Konsole-devel] [Bug 188528] konsole's history adds spaces to end of lines when copying text

Alain Knaff kde at kde.lka.org.lu
Thu Aug 30 07:37:37 UTC 2012


--- Comment #130 from Alain Knaff <kde at kde.lka.org.lu> ---
Or, on a more serious note:

>From the outside (without going into the code), it looks as if konsole does not
actually remember the length of lines but instead just assumes a height x width
array of characters, and then tries to infer line length from the position of
the last non-space character.

So that's how we oscillate between "lines are always padded with spaces on
copy-paste" and "trailing spaces are always stripped on copy-paste", but never
quite reach "copy-paste copies exactly what the application had printed to the
terminal". What those nitpicky users want is "konsole should explicitly
remember how long each line was when printed, and copy-paste exactly that".

Methinks, there is no way around an explicit character-per-line counter.

Of course, this would still not work for full-screen curses applications (such
as vi), but this is known and accepted. What people get worked up about is when
it breaks for the non-curses stuff.

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