[Konsole-devel] [Bug 188528] konsole's history adds spaces to end of lines when copying text

richlv at nakts.net richlv at nakts.net
Thu Aug 30 06:48:15 UTC 2012


--- Comment #126 from richlv at nakts.net ---
i'll start by noting that i use kde as my primary and pretty much only desktop
environment since ~ 2001-2003, i really love konsole and i believe that it is
the best terminal application out there.

but i also believe that this issue is what some call "technical wanking" -
arguing about minor technical detail while most users live with broken

i' claim that 99% of users (a figure i just made up) do not care about copying
trailing space. they don't give a flying - something. for the remaining 1% it
anyway doesn't work properly.

it was reported back in 2009. march. it's been 3 and a half years. i would
claim that a proper approach would have been "strip everything as before"
(because it was broken for users, no matter what tiny, technical details might
have been behind it. see
, search for "Breaking the user experience in order to ‘fix’ something is a
totally broken concept; you cannot do it."). _if_ anybody cares about copying
trailing space, that could be developed and tested separately, without messing
with user experience for 3 years...

sorry for the rant. i'd like to express my gratitude to all konsole developers
- it is a tool i use for the most pat of my working day, thus this "tiny" bug
has caused me thousands of annoyances over the years.

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