[Konsole-devel] [Bug 246652] Closing the shell via CTRL+D crashes

Gökcen Eraslan gokcen at pardus.org.tr
Tue Nov 16 10:03:40 UTC 2010


--- Comment #74 from Gökcen Eraslan <gokcen pardus org tr>  2010-11-16 11:03:35 ---
In Konsole there is still a bug about GUI Factory, I'm writing since it may be
related to this bug. Steps to reproduce:

1- Open Konsole,
2- Open a new tab
3- Right click to open the context menu
4- Press Esc to cancel context menu and press Control+D to close active konsole
5- Right click to open context menu in the tab that we've just switched.

Actual results:
Context menu does not show up, and in .xsession errors there are lines like:

konsole(1532) Konsole::SessionController::showDisplayContextMenu: Unable to
display popup menu for session "Shell" , no GUI factory available to build the

Using Qt 4.7.1 & KDE 4.5.3 with fixes in comment 54 and comment 72.

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