[Konsole-devel] [Bug 254450] Konsole crash upon right click

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Mon Nov 8 19:21:03 UTC 2010


--- Comment #2 from  <p giarrusso gmail com>  2010-11-08 20:21:01 ---
This bug is not about out-of-memory, it happened in that context, but it's
unlikely to be related.

The stack traces does not suggest that a newly allocated pointer was NULL and
was not checked, and that's the only obvious way in which an out-of-memory can
crash an app. I don't see why detach() should allocate memory - of course, if
you looked up in the sources, you can point it out (but then you should write
that in the first place).

Moreover, on Linux malloc() doesn't return NULL anyway if the system is low on
memory, in most cases.

By default, the memory allocation primitives like brk() (and mmap("/dev/zero")
and friends) (on which  always succeeds but memory is not physically allocated;
writing to a blank page will look for memory, and if this fails, even after
trying very hard, the Linux kernel kills some process using lots of memory -
and it still doesn't use SIGSEGV.

This policy can be changed by writing into /proc/sys/kernel/overcommit_memory,
but I did not do this; see Documentation/vm/overcommit-accounting in the source
tree of the Linux kernel for more info.

I know this because I used to be a kernel hacker.

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