[Konsole-devel] [Bug 152385] Allow konsole to store terminal size in the profile.

Staffan Hamala sh at ltu.se
Wed Nov 3 12:40:49 UTC 2010


--- Comment #77 from Staffan Hamala <sh ltu se>  2010-11-03 13:40:40 ---
I've been trying the work-around by using the window specific rules setting. I
must say that it's not easy to get it to work. Right now I have three separate
settings for Konsole, and they still don't catch every window...

It's very annoying to have to fiddle for days to get this to work, as it was a
very easy setting in KDE 3.

I have three "Settings for Konsole". I have no idea what the difference is
between the three, but they were all created by selecting "Detect window
properties" every time a new konsole window didn't behave. I've selected "use
window class (whole application)" on all of them, as well as "Apply Initially"
on size (in the geometry tab).

As I said, this still doesn't catch all konsole windows.. Every now and then a
new window opens with the last used size. Very annoying.  :-<

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