[Konsole-devel] [Bug 197964] Mouse scroll input cannot be disabled

Nick Keefen nk at nksupport.com
Thu Jan 21 11:02:48 UTC 2010


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--- Comment #4 from Nick Keefen <nk nksupport com>  2010-01-21 12:02:47 ---
Hi all.

This isn't actually a bug, it's a feature. I think it mimics a similar behavior
of the Gnome terminal. it enables people to use the mouse in MC, vim, less and
a ton of other applications.

>> This behavior is a little bit inconsistent and I would recommend to only
scroll through the output buffer.

Yes i hate this too! The feature may be nice to someone, but when you manage
servers you can't go to every machine and reconfigure bash and vim just because
of a KDE developer's whim to add a fancy feature. Thanks for your effort, but
it made our lives worse. An option to disable this feature is a must, it's
totally killing me. This was a major change in user experience, and users must
have a choice.

However, this is not a bug, but rather a feature request: please add a setting
to disable sending scroll actions to end applications. I believe a lot of
people want the old behavior. Maybe enable it only if a modifier key is pressed
- e.g. scroll acts the old way, but when i do shift+scroll it sends events to
the end application.

Regards, NK

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