[Konsole-devel] [Bug 223193] mouse text selection: _sometimes_ copying a lot of unexisting spaces instead of newline character at the end of line to the X buffer

DEK dmitryk at interzet.ru
Sun Jan 17 20:24:25 UTC 2010


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--- Comment #2 from DEK <dmitryk interzet ru>  2010-01-17 21:24:25 ---
hmm.. one more thing..
such lines with spaces are always before normal lines.
For example if i select two hundred of lines in konsole and then paste it i
will have first 53 lines with spaces before \n, and the last 147 lines will be
Next time i select the same text i will have first 112 lines with spaces before
\n, and the last 88 lines will be OK.

and one more
if the first line contains for example 15 characters and the second line
contains 25 characters and after copying and pasting the first line becomes a
line with first 15 characters and 90 spaces after them and before \n , then the
second line (if it is buggy too) will have 25 its characters and 80 spaces
before \n. 15+90=25+80.
the number of characters in such buggy lines is always the same during one
copy/paste action.

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