[Konsole-devel] [Bug 207886] konsole "Clear Display" only clears the visible part of the screen

Willi Mann foss-ml at wm1.at
Sat Sep 19 15:49:07 UTC 2009


--- Comment #2 from Willi Mann <foss-ml wm1 at>  2009-09-19 17:49:05 ---
Thanks for the hint.

2 Remarks:

- From my point of view, it's not very intuitive to have these very similar
commands in two different sections of the menu. 

- The German translation of "Scrollback" in konsole is "Verlauf". As a native
German speaker, I don't think that this is a good translation, as "Verlauf" is
very generic. It could also mean "command history" or some other record of
actions. An alternative might be "Terminalpuffer", or to keep the English word
"Scrollback" as the free dictionary that comes with debian even knows
"scrollen" as German word.

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