[Konsole-devel] [Bug 202818] window does not repaint itself when switching to it

Paul Lemmons paul at lemmons.name
Fri Sep 4 01:01:45 UTC 2009


--- Comment #10 from Paul Lemmons <paul lemmons name>  2009-09-04 03:01:44 ---
I think that this bug may be bigger than just konsole. Konsole exhibits it much
more severely than any other application but it is not exclusive. I notice it
most often when I click in an application to gain its focus. Konsole goes
completely away while other applications will only do so partially and not
nearly as often.

I also find that running my mouse over any item in the panel that pops up a tap
of information causes the application to refresh itself and becomes completely
visible again.

I tried the 185 and 190 nvidia drivers with no change in behavior. I have also
upgraded to KDE 4.3.1 with no positive effect.

I have looked for other bugs like this one and as of yet have not found any. I
will keep looking. This is more than mildly irritating.

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