[Konsole-devel] tab text escape sequence removed?

Jim Mahood jim at mahood.com
Wed May 27 23:04:25 UTC 2009


I haven't used konsole since the 3.x days, but have recently returned to 
it.  Back then, I had an escape sequence in my shell's prompt that told 
konsole what to use for its tab text.  This sequence was:

\033]30;text here\007

Using the same prompt in konsole 2.2.3, this no longer works.  I see that 
the tab formatting has been moved into the settings dialog, and I see that 
I can use %w, but that uses the window title (\033]0;window title\007) as 
the tab text, whereas I used to be able to set the window title and the 
tab text independently.

So, my question.. looking at konsole's Emulation module, it seems that the 
"30" escape sequence has not been implemented.  Is there anything I've 
missed that would let me control the tab text directly or is the %w 
solution now my only option (window and tab must have the same title)?


Jim Mahood


Working example from kde3.x from Stephan Binner:

My tcsh prompt in question:
set prompt = "%{\033]30;%m\007%}%{\033]0;%n@%m:%/\007%}[%B%n%b@%m] %B%/%b>"
(sets tab to hostname, and window title to user at host:/path/)

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