[Konsole-devel] keytab changes not taking affect

Mun Johl Mun.Johl at Emulex.Com
Sat May 2 00:13:13 UTC 2009


Well I have been able to make some progress on this front but ran into
another issue.

First, it seems that the problem I was having is that even though under
Settings->Configure Konsole...->Session my updated keytab file was
depicted, it actually isn't getting applied unless I go to
Settings->Keyboard and select it explicitly.  Once I saved the new
setting as the default, new konsoles pull in my keytab correctly.

Now, the issue I'm having is assigning a new entry for <Shift><F12>.
For example, the following doesn't work for <S-F12>:

key F12 -Shift   : "A" 
key F12 +Shift   : "B" 

However, if I change the key to F11, both the unshifted *and* shifted
entries work.  Is there something special about <S-F12>?

Thanks in advance.



On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 09:58 AM PDT, Mun Johl wrote:
MJ> Hi Robert,
MJ> Thanks for your reply.
MJ> Please see my comments below.
MJ> On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 01:24 AM PDT, Robert Knight wrote:
MJ> RK> Hi,
MJ> RK> Does pressing the F9 key produce the correct output in the test area?
MJ> RK> Go to Settings -> Edit Current Profile -> Input, select the key
MJ> RK> binding and click 'Edit'.  There is a test area at the bottom of the
MJ> RK> dialog which appears.
MJ> I don't have the Edit Current Profile submenu.  I left out a piece of
MJ> important information: The revision of konsole I'm running is 1.6.4 on
MJ> RHEL5.3 with KDE 3.5.4 .  I'm hesitant on upgrading a portion (or all of
MJ> KDE) since I'm new to this particular Unix environment and I don't want
MJ> to mess things up too badly ... just yet.
MJ> Regards,
MJ> -- 
MJ> Mun
MJ> RK> Regards,
MJ> RK> Robert.
MJ> RK> 2009/4/29 Mun Johl <Mun.Johl at emulex.com>:
MJ> RK> > Hi,
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > I'm trying to define some of my own keytab entries and I think I am
MJ> RK> > missing something in the process and could use some assistance.
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > To get started, I basically made a copy of the linux.keytab file and
MJ> RK> > stored it in ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/unique_name.keytab .  I then made
MJ> RK> > the following change simply for test purposes:
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > #key F9     : "\E[20~"
MJ> RK> > key F9     : "A"
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > I also changed the keyboard name to a unique name and set the new keytab
MJ> RK> > as the default for konsole.  I then opened a new konsole window and
MJ> RK> > verified the new configuration; but F9 did not map to "A"; it still had
MJ> RK> > the original "\E[20~" mapping.
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > Any guidance would be appreciated.
MJ> RK> >
MJ> RK> > Thanks in advance.
MJ> RK> >
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