[Konsole-devel] [Bug 179448] KDE 4.2 beta 2 apps seem to have problems working with scim

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Thu Jun 25 18:08:50 UTC 2009


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--- Comment #3 from tpk <stream gazer yahoo co uk>  2009-06-25 20:08:19 ---
I have a very similar scim related bug that can be reproduced:
1) make sure scim is running (do scim & if not)
2) open konsole
3) type kate &
4) close the kate window. Focus returns to konsole but typing doesn't work.

Keyboard becomes active again if you change focus to another window (by alt+tab
or mouse).

If I kill scim, the bug doesn't appear. Also if I open a non-KDE program, such
as firefox or totem, the bug doesn't appear. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm using Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE4.2.2, scim-bridge with scim-anthy:
kdebase-bin              4:4.2.2-0ubuntu4 
libqtcore4               4.5.0-0ubuntu4.1
scim                     1.4.7-3ubuntu12
scim-anthy               1.2.7-0ubuntu1   
scim-bridge-client-qt    0.4.14-2ubuntu5
scim-bridge-client-gtk   0.4.14-2ubuntu5 

To me it sounds like incompatibility in kwin focus switching and scim. I'm
willing to contribute to solving this if I get some help.

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