[Konsole-devel] [Bug 196998] Konsole should reorder font when resizing

Quentin RAYNAUD kde at undoso.eu
Thu Jun 18 14:32:43 UTC 2009


--- Comment #2 from Quentin RAYNAUD <kde undoso eu>  2009-06-18 16:32:43 ---
Yeah, it works with the command line on bash but does not with the text on
stdout which are not handled in the same way at all. I think that Konsole
should reflow the text on stdout when resizing. It would be a lot more
convenient. And it's possible to work it out since the mac guys did it. Though
I would understand that the feature is not added if it means a lot of
redesigning in Konsole...

Whatever, I created this bug because I didn't found an entry for it on the
tracker and that I heard a lot of people saying that the terminal on MacOS was
better than Konsole, if only for that. Today was the one that made the trick
and had me asking for the feature ^^. It is a nice one, so...

Hope it is possible to add that.

Thanks a lot in advance for considering this...

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