[Konsole-devel] Fanfold-paper effect

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 15 20:45:20 UTC 2009

M G Berberich wrote:
> I want to have a fanfold-paper-effect in konsole, having every other
> line striped (please see
> http://www.forwiss.uni-passau.de/~berberic/konsole-fanfold.png).
> I made a proof-of-concept-patch, thats implementing the feature, but
> lacking configurability (attached)
> How do I get this (the final patch) into the KDE-Tree?

First off, this is called "alternate background color". Especially the 
user-facing UI should use this terminology as it is used elsewhere. I 
have never heard of "fanfold" before now.

Second... konsole uses Review Board (reviewboard.kde.org), it might help 
to post your patch there.

Third we are well into feature and even message freeze, so this will 
have to wait for 4.4 (which will be out around December I think, but the 
freeze will lift much sooner than that).

This sounds like an interesting and potentially-very-useful feature. (I 
wonder, however, what it will do with not-black background color? One 
solution would be to tint the background of alternating lines. Another, 
possibly overkill, is to use a different color profile for alternating 
lines. And of course the third possibility is to only use the alternate 
color for background-0.)

On that note, it looks like maybe you are doing the first? Please don't 
do manual color math; there is KColorUtils for that! (If you need an 
effect KCU doesn't have, please let me know, but my guess is you should 
be using KCU::tint.) Also, it looks like you are doing a multiply 
effect, which is not very pretty and will break horribly in many 
scenarios (for one, it won't work /at all/ with black backgrounds, which 
I use).

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