[Konsole-devel] [Bug 196564] text not render correctly

leavelllusion leaveiiiusion at mail.ru
Mon Jun 15 18:55:20 UTC 2009


--- Comment #5 from leavelllusion <leaveiiiusion mail ru>  2009-06-15 20:55:15 ---
# "You are referring to the history?"
I guess yes. "Help" command place to much text and I try to scroll up to see
the beginning of text.

# "If you scroll up with mouse or arrows, the text is not correct?"
Exactly. Only if scroll up. By mouse wheel or scrollbar arrow or by moving
scrollbar slider. And when I select text by mouse, bug in selected lines

Right now I see that I have similar problem with "Add widget" window, but only
when use "arrow up" from vertical scrollbar (with mouse wheel and "arrow down"
all is correct). When I move mouse over widget list, bug vanish.
Some application is OK: Shiretoko browser is OK. KPackageKit is OK. So, I found
this problem only with "Konsole" and "Add widget" right now.

I don't found "terminal" (where is it? I use Kubuntu) and type next commands in

~$ konsole
konsole(4533): Attempt to use QAction "change-profile" with KXMLGUIFactory!

No effect. Some time one of my konsoles work correctly, but right now all my 4
konsole windows working with this bug.

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