[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176974] High memory consumption when using Konsole for a longer time.

Michael Meier mick22 at gmx.at
Mon Jun 8 13:43:06 UTC 2009


--- Comment #27 from Michael Meier <mick22 gmx at>  2009-06-08 15:43:06 ---
Can you try the test case also with new/delete? Is all memory freed with
"delete" returned to the system? It depends on the implementation whether freed
memory is returned to the OS, and when. And there might be a difference between
malloc/free (might be based on mmap or brk) and new/delete.

Btw, mem usage of patched version (after the last step, 4 tabs open, big_file
cat in each one): 
20512 mm  20   0  345m  61m  11m S    0  3.1   0:08.43 konsole

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