[Konsole-devel] [Bug 170867] konsole -e with && don't work as in xterm

Dave Laird dlaird at kharma.net
Sun Jun 7 17:26:51 UTC 2009


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--- Comment #4 from Dave Laird <dlaird kharma net>  2009-06-07 19:26:50 ---
Using konsole -e jed %f from kmail to write/edit e-mail no longer works,
regardless of whether you pass the shell environment with -e to it as above or
not if you pass the parameter for a file name as Kmail expects. 

konsole -e $SHELL -c "jed" %f works, but it doesn't load the parameter file
name from Kmail, hence you get a blank page from Jed. 

Set up kmail and check the box for using an external editor. (jed) 
Start a new message in e-mail and voila! You have Jed open but not the tmp file
name used by Kmail. 

My only workaround thus far that seems to be working is "gnome-terminal -x jed
%f which works fine.

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