[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176974] High memory consumption when using Konsole for a longer time.

Michael Meier mick22 at gmx.at
Sat Jun 6 17:37:01 UTC 2009


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--- Comment #6 from Michael Meier <mick22 gmx at>  2009-06-06 19:36:59 ---
Please fix this bug. With 10 tabs open an a scrollback of 30.000, Konsole can
consume up to 800 MB (RSS). This is insane.

It's unbelievable that this bug has been reported 6 months ago, been vote for
by quite some people, and has not even been acknowledged by the developers.

10 tabs with 30.000 lines of scrollback, each line filled with say 100
characters, should need no more than say 10*30.000*100*2*1.5 = 85MB (if you
allow for 16-bit characters and 50% data structure overhead). And this is
already rather generous.

Currently, using a large scrollback will lead to extended swapping periods or
can activate the OOM who will kill one of your processes (-> data loss).

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