[Konsole-devel] [Bug 175822] second button menu doesn't work

JG jg at cms.ac
Fri Jan 30 17:43:40 UTC 2009


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--- Comment #4 from JG <jg cms ac>  2009-01-30 18:43:39 ---
i've had the same problem (also gentoo; e.g. "no text" menu entries in dolphin,
no right click in konsole, akonadi mysql didn't find its configuration file,
kdm didn't start kde but spawned a konsole, ...) but i solved it. it seems that
for some unknown reason the directory /usr/share/config had the permissions 700
and was owned by root. so my user had no access and many parts of kde didn't
work properly..

i've set the directory to 755 and it works fine now. i have no idea what went
wrong, because at another gentoo machine the permissions are correct. i also
found this in kdelibs/kdelibs-4.2.0.ebuild, which should set the perms:
  # Ensure that the correct permissions are set on ${PREFIX}/share/config
  fperms 755 "${PREFIX}"/share/config


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