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--- Comment #4 from Robert Knight <robertknight gmail com>  2009-01-15 15:56:04 ---
> I think this should be part of Konsole itself.
> I envision an action titled "Split Horizontally", like in Konqueror.
> Same with vertically. It would be much better supported if it's part of Konsole

That already exists - in fact it is the biggest change from KDE 3 to KDE 4.  Go
to View -> Split View.  However, unlike QuadKonsole (and I presume Terminator)
it has a couple of differences:

- Recursive (horizontal AND vertical) splitting is not supported.  You can
currently only have one or the other at any time.  The widget which controls
the splitting does support this but I don't consider it well-enough tested to
- When you split the view it doesn't create new shells in the new area but
duplicates the existing views and tab bar in the new area.  The thinking behind
this was to:

a) Make it possible to view different sections of the same session at once, eg.
for executing commands in a session while consulting earlier output from the
same session.
b)  Make it possible to switch between views in one of the areas.  For example,
you can use it like an IDE where you typically have one large view for the
primary work area and a smaller view which you would use for other tasks -
switching the tabs in the smaller view depending on whether you were in a
debugger, running some scripts on another host etc.

Terminator doesn't support use cases (a) or (b) but it does support the case
where people want to allocate one tab per task (eg. one per project they are
working on) and then sub-divide that tab into a number of shells doing
different things and it does support recursive splitting.  The first of these
is probably the most work to do in Konsole but many of the components needed
are already there.  I don't have a whole lot of time or inclination to do this
myself in the immediate future but I'd happily support anyone who does.

Adding recursive splitting but keeping the current handling of tabs and views
(where each view has a set of tabs and not the other way round) can be done
without much discussion.  Inverting the tabs/views as Terminator has it needs
more careful consideration of whether to keep both conceptual models, whether
to drop one or how to merge them.

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