[Konsole-devel] [Bug 179039] GUI for BASH (possibly other shells as well) autocompletion feature

Roman Standzikowski romanujan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 11:31:34 UTC 2009


--- Comment #4 from Roman Standzikowski <romanujan gmail com>  2009-01-01 12:31:33 ---
Prototype? OK, I guess I may try to write some kind of 'proof-of-concept'.

> You miss my point. If people start bash or zsh they expect it to work a
> certain way, have certain features and configuration methods etc. If you
> take a lesser-known shell as a starting point you won't have that problem. 

That's true, but if we take some less-known shell, than hardly anyone will even
notice the new feature, because hardly anyone uses such a shell... Still, I
think the change would be rather minor comparing to, for example, the new way
of placing icons on the desktop in KDE 4.1 (however I like the idea, despite it
works differently from all the mainstream systems used during the last 20
years), or the Kickoff menu (which I find unacceptable, even launching apps
from the command line is more convenient to me).

> Can you give me a more specific example of when you find it difficult
> to locate something? 

I have a directory full of pictures downloaded from the Internet (thousands f
them), some of them have really long filenames. I wanted to pick one of those
for a CLI command, but I did not remember the exact name (I remembered, that I
have downloaded it about moth ago). Probably this could be located using some
fancy CLI command, but I am not a console guru - for me it was easier to launch

Another example - I wanted to launch some command. I used it some time before,
but I wasn't sure about its name - in fact, I only remembered for sure, that it
starts from 'x'. Reading all the output from 'TAB' press using a GUI window
(which would disappear as soon as it was not needed anymore) would be much more
pleasant. I had to clutter the console output with hundreds of command names,
which only made my work more difficult, when 5 minutes later I wanted to look
back for output of some previous command.

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