[Konsole-devel] [Bug 189409] Terminal looses focus - no widget has focus?

Chuck Taylor chucktr at trcompu.com
Tue Dec 22 22:30:22 UTC 2009


--- Comment #12 from Chuck Taylor <chucktr trcompu com>  2009-12-22 23:30:15 ---
Allllrighty... as promised. The conditions:
   OS is openSuSE 11.2 with Task Bar inoperative
   Two Terminal Windows - both minimized.
   Firefox 3.5.6; two Tabs, this bug and openSuSE Home page.
   Thunderbird 3.0 - open to my main mail with report about this bug.
   Desktop Settings - from right click on Desktop

1. Closed Firefox - no change
2. Closed Thundirbird - no change
3. Closed Desktop Settings Dialog - no change
   -just have Desktop with Icons and two terminals minimized that I can not
4. Started VMware - Got VMware main page (I have an Icon for it on my Desktop)
   Opened - no change
   PowerOn to my Win2k Virtual - no change
5. Click on Cashew in upper right corner.
   VMware minimized and I got the Cashew menu. - no change
   Clicked Cashew again, menu disappears and VMware Maximizes. - no change
6. Click on Firefox Icon and it opens to the openSuSE Home page.
   Task Bar is now working again!!
7. Opened and closed Desktop Settings - no problems experienced
8. Shutdown Virtual Win2k - still ok
9. Closed VMware - still ok
Looks ok again. So I don't know what is causing the Task Bar lock ups but I
will keep an eye on it.

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