[Konsole-devel] [Bug 165602] Konsole does not save/remember changes in schema when closed/reopened.

Steve Nordstrom sjn45 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 16:23:23 UTC 2008

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------- Additional Comments From sjn45 yahoo com  2008-07-23 18:23 -------
I tried #10 first.
The Remove Session" button was grey and would not let me select it.
I selected the Schema tab and it showed the Green on Black schema.
I selected Apply and OK.

I have not closed this session of Konsole yet because I am too lazy to navigate back to .kde/...etc.
When I open a second session of Konsole it is STILL black on light yellow. :(

Back in Konsole.... I tried #9.
This is what I got...

linux-mnz1:/home/steve # cd .kde/share/apps/konsole
linux-mnz1:/home/steve/.kde/share/apps/konsole # ls
GreenOnBlack.schema  profiles

That's all.
So, I read this to mean that there is NO "shell.desktop" file there.
(by the way, I am using open SUSE 11.0 - in case it matters.)

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