[Konsole-devel] [Bug 164540] Konsole fails to start a session

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed Jul 9 14:02:30 UTC 2008

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------- Additional Comments From kris pcbsd org  2008-07-09 16:02 -------
I've just sent over a pretty long e-mail to the freebsd-kde list about this bug, with some of my findings about it so far.


However, here's probably the important part, which I haven't been able to figure out yet:

(Cut from the e-mail)

I then started going through the kpty code, and placed in markers until I was able to determine where the failure was occurring exactly, in the kpty/kptydevice.cpp file, specifically this function:


bool KPtyDevicePrivate::_k_canRead()
    qint64 readBytes = 0;

#ifdef Q_OS_IRIX // this should use a config define, but how to check it?
    size_t available;
    int available;
    if (!::ioctl(q->masterFd(), FIONREAD, (char *) &available)) {
        char *ptr = readBuffer.reserve(available);
        NO_INTR(readBytes, read(q->masterFd(), ptr, available));
        if (readBytes < 0) {
            q->setErrorString(I18N_NOOP("Error reading from PTY"));
            return false;
        readBuffer.unreserve(available - readBytes); // *should* be a no-op

........................ cut .......................


The failure speficially is happening with the "ioctl" line here:

if (!::ioctl(q->masterFd(), FIONREAD, (char *) &available)) {

ioctl keeps returning -1 and setting errno to 35, which is this:
#define EAGAIN          35              /* Resource temporarily unavailable */

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