[Konsole-devel] [Bug 165923] there sould be a switch to disable konsole drag and drop feature

Giacomo Montagner mantager at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 06:36:52 UTC 2008

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I think it's mainly a matter of being used to a certain behaviour rather than another. I'd really like to have the KDE 3.5 no-drag-and-drop behaviour, I asked only for a switch because I thought the feature had been introduced with a reason. For me it's dangerous, I'm too acquainted to what was the previous behaviour, and to paste selections I was only trying to modify already happened too many times. Since I use Konsole at work, on production systems, you may understand I lost some years of life in a few seconds when I realized what was happening :) 

Of course one may paste the wrong selection in a terminal anyway, but:
a) you must be pasting something, using the middle-mouse-button or CTRL-V or anything else. This means you are _aware_ of what you're doing (so should be), and this means you might check the content of the selection before clicking or pressing buttons (Klipper rulez or, better, ruled, since that, too, is no more working in KDE 4.0 - I'm a little bit desperate these days...). I _do_ check, especially when I'm working on a production server... 
b) you might paste the content from a web page, even if the content is made of commands, they rarely work without a little modification. When you drag some commands you just executed before, they work. And sometimes doing the same twice might be no good (imagine an 'rm -rf *' under a /tmp/something being re-done when you are in /etc or similar  _ )  

So, yes: if it is possible to have the no-drag-and-drop back I will be glad. 


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