[Konsole-devel] [Bug 160162] New window/tab should ask for profile if there are more than 1

Mike mike at blueroot.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 11:45:53 UTC 2008

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> That isn't right.  Browsers keep site-specific state information in cookies, which are not kept in bookmarks.  Some websites may encode state information in URLs but I would not expect bookmarking my banking site to remember my authentication state or expect bookmarking a product page in a shop to remember the contents of my shopping basket.

What I meant was that the state information is TIED to the location, ie.  one location == one state.  You cannot view a website with one set of cookies and then switch to another set of cookies (except with some advanced webmaster tools).  Also when you change location the state (ie. the set of cookies associated with that domain) changes as well.

In konsole you want a state to persist across different locations and a single location to have more than one state.  If I cd to another directory the state will not change, but on the web each location only has access to a particular set of cookies (state).

> In the web, the current state is often held partly by the browser and partly by the web site.  Quite often the browser stores only a unique ID and everything else is recorded by the web site in a database somewhere.

The state may be actually stored in cookies, but it is not the browser that controls that state, the location (web site) is in control of setting and deleting cookies, even server side state is controlled by cookies.  In konsole there is no sentient website at a location, it is normally a dumb directory which cannot tell you to make the konsole background yellow here.  Konsole is 100% in charge of the state.

> In the terminal, the current state is mostly held by a process outside of Konsole which may well be running on another computer.  The accessible information is limited to a local processes' /proc/pid/status file.  So the current bookmarks implementation represents the best of what I can do within the confines of Konsole.

I am aware that there are probably a lot of limitations, by state I mean konsole state like color, environmental variables set, starting program etc.

If there are limitations which mean that half of the functionality does not work then it is just confusing to have that functionality.  At the moment the only way to test if something actually works is to try it.

Switching profiles does not work properly, and neither do bookmarks, so I really think something is needed here.

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