[Konsole-devel] [Bug 151966] Flow control active indicator appears anyway, when flow control keys are disabled for a profile

Bob Rutsky altsysrq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 01:36:40 UTC 2008

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Posted attachment above...

Goal of above attachment is not to show bothering message about "Ctrl+S was pressed" when it is not needed, because not always Ctrl+S locks output.
My favorite Midnight Commander disables flow control on output (Xon) and Ctrl+S is a very useful shortcut in mc for searching.

This is a pretty big patch, I tried to finalize work on described below articles so that there be more logic and less hack.

I divided 2 kind of locks: Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q and ScrollLock.
Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q supported by terminal, and Konsole only guess when this lock is enabled, and show warning about this. Guessing is done by checking process terminal IXON flag when Ctrl+S key combination invoked. 
ScrollLock is a "software" lock, as I understanded it should be done through Pty::lockPty() method, but it is not working due to some bugs in library.

Changed options menu to have buttons for:
1) Enable disabling/enabling on-the-fly Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q flow control support.  Implemented, but when I change terminal flags through Pty::setXonXoff() they changes only on some period of time, something isn't correct...
2) Enable disabling/enabling on-the-fly ScrollLock flow control support. Implemented, but until Pty::lockPty() not works disabled.
3) Enable showing warning label.

There are 2 warning labels now for each kind of lock.

Added Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q flow control commands to KeyboardTranslator: stopOutput, restartStoppedOutput, so shortcuts is definable, not sure is this thing needed, but it's comfortable in code. 
So now there are additional strings in keyboard layouts files:
> +key S     +Control : stopOutput
> +key Q     +Control : restartStoppedOutput

As I understanded from documentations about TTY it is possible to redefine keys for suspending/resuming with Xon/Xoff, so this is completele unsupported now.

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