[Konsole-devel] [Bug 145977] Konsole has a terminfo entry of its own; please change default $TERM

lars.doelle at on-line.de lars.doelle at on-line.de
Sat May 26 20:20:12 UTC 2007


> Having read through the mentioned terminfo it appears that many 
> of the changes in the "konsole" terminfo entry were written to work
> around bugs in Konsole. 

No, as the konsole works well the current xterm terminfo entry, and the
konsole terminfo entry is not in use. It is different, that's all, no indication
of bugs, as i good as i know.

It absolutely makes sense to have an own terminfo/termcap entry, to
desynchronize the konsole from the xterm, but this is not possible yet
not because of bugs in the konsole but because of the state of curses,
termcap and mc.

The problem could be solved getting in contact with the current mc
maintainer. I was in contact with Miguel de Icaza, long time ago, but
could neither manage to make the problem clear to him, nor fix it
myself. The state has been improved significantly, since, and one
could give it another shot.


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