[Konsole-devel] [Bug 95308] Beep varies in volume, duration and delay

Herwig herchri_tech at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 23 22:11:50 UTC 2005

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Workaround, _no_ Solution, for SUSE92, KDE330:

I've detected the same Effect on a 2001-Notebook with SIS630-Chipset and on a 2005-Desktop with nForce4-Chipset. The Konsole-Beep, when you touch the wrong keys more times in a second, overlay each other and so it seems the volume increases partly to 100%. This is generally not good for the membrane of the Speakers, especially for the little Notebook-Speakers.

I think the cause is the act of playing the KDE_Beep.ogg, maybe it's the Ogg-Subroutine.
So I used audacity to convert KDE_Beep.ogg to WAV, but saving the converted soundfile over the old name. This means you have now a KDE_Beep.ogg which is in Reality a WAV-File.
Now the following happens: The Beeps do not overlay any more, the system plays one beep after another, so the Beeps are a little lazy, only 1.5 beeps in a second.
Shorting the file by cutting off the last third, has surprisingly nearly no effect in the speed of playing, it stays at 1.5 Beeps per Second ;-)

Side effects with concurrent playing of MP3 with amarok do not exist, the Beep beeps in the MP3 and you can hear both sounds.
Using kaffeine-Player you only hear the MP3, the beep is optically here, but you don't hear it.

POSITIVE: No Speaker-Destroying any more.
NEGATIVE: Lazy beeping.

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