[Konsole-devel] reparseConfiguration

han.holl at tietoenator.com han.holl at tietoenator.com
Mon Dec 19 09:23:51 UTC 2005


I used to have scripts add/delete entries to/from ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole, 
and then call
dcop konsole-$pid konsole reparseConfiguration
to have a brand new menu.

Now with the advent of kde 3.5.0 I had te write:
dcop konsole-$pid MainApplication-Interface reparseConfiguration

but it also no longer works. l -u shows that the .desktop files are not being 
touched at all.

Strace shows that konsole is consulting ~/.kde/share/config/konsolerc.
Is there maybe a setting that re-enables this feature ?

Note: I'm using kdebase-3.5.0-1.1.fc4.kde.src.rpm from The KDE-RedHat Project, 
and of course it's possible that some downstream patch is responsible.

If anyone could confirm that thist feature still works in 3.5, I know where to 
look further.

Thanks in advance,

Han Holl

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