[Konsole-devel] [Bug 60281] inconsistent ui: ctrl+arrow should jump between words, not alt+arrow

Martin mp26 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Dec 13 09:34:43 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From mp26 os inf tu-dresden de  2005-12-13 10:34 -------
You can configure your shell to match those escape sequences.  Bash uses libreadling, so you should tweak your '~/.inputrc'.  Here is a snippet from mine, which might not work for you out of the box, but you get the idea (see 'man readline'):

#insert space, move back a char: bound to 'Insert'
"":     " \C-b"
#"^[Od": backward-word
#"^[Oc": forward-word
#"^[[D": backward-word
#"^[[C": forward-word

# Fix Home and End for German users
$if term=xterm
"\e[7~":   beginning-of-line
"\e[8~":   end-of-line
"\e[1;5D": backward-word
"\e[1;5C": forward-word

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