[Konsole-devel] [Bug 71213] transparent background is messed up on first invocation

Enrico Ros rosenric at dei.unipd.it
Tue May 25 11:04:51 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From rosenric dei unipd it  2004-05-25 13:04 -------
Hi, I solved this bug some days ago, but here is what I discovered:

When starting konsole, a TE widget is added on a QTabWidget that is the main windget of the konsole. Of course all is hidden, so the TAB has its minimum size( 120x75 pixels if I remember good). At this time (with the konsole widget at the right size, but the TE widget at 120x75 pix) the KRootPixmap builds the 'small chunk of background' you see tiled in background.

By fixing this (for example by propagating the right sizes to child widgets when the konsole is hidden) another problem raises: *extreme high memory consumption* and *slowlyness*.

I saw that 10 konsole tabs had 10 KRootPixmap buffers (and I run in 1400x1024)! So I let you guess the memory usage. The problem also raises when switching between tabs, it seems *so slow* (directly proportional to open konsole tabs).

I have no checked the patch by Waldo yet (a great well coded patch for sure! :-) and I hope it fixes also the performance issues.
Or else we can form a working group to rewrite some gui stuff on konsole so we can optimize it (seems like a bit hacked-up stuff now.., isn't it?).

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