[Konsole-devel] [Bug 69403] copy/paste sometimes inserts newlines when it shouldn't

afe0108 at yahoo.com afe0108 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 19:01:18 UTC 2004

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>When running vim in both konsoles, this always happens when my TERM is set to
>linux.  It doesn't happen if my TERM is set to vt100 or xterm.

I just tried this again and it still occurs for me.  I'm not sure I understand- you're saying you don't observe this behavior?

1. Open 2 konsoles, set TERM=linux in both and run vim in both.
2. From the vim session in konsole #1 copy and paste a wrapped line into the vim session in konsole #2.  There will be an extra newline inserted in konsole #2.

I'm not sure what this means, other than the TERM setting is possibly involved.

>When copying the output of "more" or "less" in one konsole, and pasting into
>vim in the second konsole, this always happens.

Again I'm not sure I understand- you don't observe this?  As other people have pointed out, "more" and "less" are sending a line-break.

1. Open 2 konsoles.  In konsole #1 "less" a file with a wrapped line and in konsole #2 run vim.
2. Copy and paste a wrapped line from konsole #1 into the vim session in konsole #2.  There will be a newline inserted.

Perhaps this behavior of konsole is technically correct- but gnome-terminal is smart enough to NOT insert a newline.  This is something people do all the time, copy and paste from "more" or "less" into a vim session.

>This doesn't happen with gnome-terminal.

And unfortunately I can't test this anymore as I don't have gnome installed.  Perhaps someone else with gnome-terminal installed could confirm this?


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