[Konsole-devel] [Bug 74726] Konsole freezes when exiting--either "exit", "logout", ctrl-D, or hitting the close (X) button

Rex newbould at ece.arizona.edu
Fri Feb 27 17:30:56 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From newbould ece arizona edu  2004-02-27 18:30 -------
Hrm.  I've been poking, and it seems that my problem is in read(), as called from  KWrited::block_in().  Read continues to wait for something to show up on the buffer.

So, being a good little user, I grabbed the latest cvs snapshot, and compiled konsole, all ready to do some debugging, and the problem doesn't happen on the newest version!

I would happily accept this, however block_in/TEPty/etc haven't changed from old version to new!
So, Marc, I would give rebuilding konsole a shot (I did not build the full kdebase, just konsole only).


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