[Konsole-devel] kde 3.2 konsole is automatically disconnecting rsh/rlogin sessions

Rob Watt rob at thing.net
Thu Feb 19 17:46:53 UTC 2004


I use kde 3.2 on freebsd with konsole version 1.3. I have the default
compile options for the freebsd kde3.2 ports.

After upgrading to kde 3.2 all of my konsole rsh sessions started to
auto-logout after a brief period of time. The same behavior does not
happen in xterm or other terms, and changing tcsh's autologout variable
has no effect on konsole's behavior. I could not find a setting in konsole
that will disable this. Is this a known bug or a new feature? If it is a
feature how do I disable it?

I don't subscribe to konsole-devel so please cc me on any response.


Rob Watt

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