[Konsole-devel] double refresh

Klaus Thorn klaus at trillke.net
Tue Feb 17 10:54:22 UTC 2004

Hello Konsole Developers,

congratulations for being application of the month in kde.de and thank
you, Konsole is my most-used interface and the multi-session capabilities
and shortcuts for moving/renaming/creating/switching between them improved
my life.

Whenever I switch between two sessions, the new session is build twice, I

it is printed on the screen, 
then cleared 
and then printed again
and then I can start working with it.

Since I use a relatively slow openbrick(.org) computer most of the time, I
see this very clearly and every time.

Isn't this a waste? Why not just build/refresh the new session once? It
would certainly be a comfort for my eyes.

Greetings from Hildesheim, Germany,
klaus thorn     klaus at trillke.net

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