[Konsole-devel] Konsole color bug?

Robert Brown brown at google.com
Thu Apr 22 21:15:41 UTC 2004

I am running Emacs 21.2.1 inside a Konsole terminal window and would like
some guidance regarding terminal type.  On my system, "konsole --version"

    Qt: 3.1.1
    KDE: 3.1-13 Red Hat
    Konsole: 1.2

What should my TERM environment variable be set to?

On my RedHat 9 system, I've been using "xterm-color" or "konsole".  When I
do so after having selected "Settings->Schema->Konsole Default", Emacs
renders bold blue as light blue.  When using
"Settings->Schema->XTerm Colors", bold blue shows up correctly, so it looks
like the "Konsole Default" color setting has normal and bold swapped.

Please advise.  Thanks very much.


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