[Konsole-devel] [Bug 41744] konsole Shows some Japanese FULLWIDTH chars as HALFWIDTH

Ken Deeter ktdeeter at alumni.princeton.edu
Fri Apr 9 22:26:19 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From ktdeeter alumni princeton edu  2004-04-10 00:26 -------
There are a couple ways we can solve this problem:

Solution A) offer a configuration option that forces konsole_wcwidth_cjk() to be used in place of konsole_wcwidth(). Actually the option should perhaps offer three choices.
1. Choose the right wcwidth according to the locale (which means we need mappings from locales to the wcwidth functions)
2. Always use wcwidth()
3. Always use wcwidth_cjk()

90% of the time (or 'most' of the time), a cjk user will just want to it to use wcwidth_cjk(), but every cjk user shouldn't have to go in and change the setting manually, so it should just be detected by the language code in the locale.

Solution B)
Allow Konsole to switch encodings on the fly. Map each encoding to the appropriate wcwidth() function, and use the right wcwidth() function according to the current locale.

This is actually a much more useful approach (and much more m17n friendly approach), though it might take more work. This allows people to test out different locales and such without restarting konsole. We could also make it so that you can specify the encoding in profiles, so for example you can make a profile to run mutt in UTF-8 if you wanted to, but for all your other stuff you still use some legacy encoding.

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