[Konsole-devel] [Bug 42320] Impossible to remove the the frame around the window in full screen mode

kde at happyjack.org kde at happyjack.org
Fri Jan 17 04:36:05 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From kde at happyjack.org  2003-01-17 05:36 -------
I'd like to note that this is still present in KDE 3.0.5a, and is quite 
annoying.  I've taken to keeping kdelibs/base from KDE 2 around so I can run a 
konsole that does fullscreen properly.  I'd love to be purely KDE 3 but until 
konsole works full screen, I must stick with a previous version. 
In short, while this is not a serious bug (konsole still works fine), it's 
severe enough that I just can't use it.

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