[Konsole-devel] [Bug 52932] Konsole: open command in new shell

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Thu Jan 16 21:00:08 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From binner at kde.org  2003-01-16 22:00 -------
This should be already possible with a little script based on this fragment: 
dcop | grep konsole | 
 while read instance; 
   do if [ `dcop $instance default sessionCount` -lt 10 ]; then 
     newsession=`dcop $instance default newSession` 
     dcop $instance $newsession sendSession $* 
Note 1) The "otherwise" case starting a new Konsole is missing. Too lazy. :-) 
Note 2) Works only for Konsole instances started with "--script" parameter.

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