[Konsole-devel] Bug#42895: Konsole with background image, changing to another konsole window is bad

Felix Seeger seeger at sitewaerts.de
Fri May 24 15:45:03 UTC 2002

> Can`t notice a delay here. Do you have anything special, a tinted
> schema or different tinted schemas or a background program running?
> Did this happen with Konsole 1.1 too or is gone with kdelibs 3.0.1?

I tried it now with kdelibs 3.0.1, but kdebase 3.0.

It is the same. I will report a complete 3.0.1 test on monday.

I will again explain the problem, just to be sure.

You have a Konsole.
In your Konsole you have two Command Windows.
Now make a ps -a (it works also without text, you can see it better with) on 
Now switch from one to the oter window (I use shift-right/left but works also 
with the mouse)

I see here that the Konsole Window flickers. And a short delay for 1-2 secs. 
Sometimes Konsole remembers the things you typed in while the delay. 
Sometimes not.


have fun

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